The Wold of Love Songs

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1 Since I Met You Michael Quatro
2 Love The World Barry Window
3 Hold Me Now Gary Fitzgerald
4 How Deep Is Your Love T-exit
5 Hey, Little Devil Stevie S.
6 As You Like It Graham Bonney
7 It's Hard To Say The Robots
8 Killing Me Softly Heart Catchers
9 Swanee Jacques Raymond
10 Must Try Forget Him Tilly
11 Loosing All My Lovers Gunnar Schlenner
12 This World Today Is A Mess European Sound Orchestra
13 Girls From Amsterdam Allen Parker
14 Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree John King
15 I Am The Storm David Avery
16 Golden Eagle Georg Martin Erny
17 Deep In The Night Ralf Bauer
18 Song In Your Heart Allen Parker
1 Chanson Du Chevrier Jo Roland
2 Moon River Steve Young
3 A Chi Mark Lorenz
4 Sky Is Blue Victory
5 Catch Me Romy Haag
6 All My Love Is You Graham Bonney
7 Tell Me What Love Is About Janice
8 May Be Tonight Stevie S.
9 Judi The Robots
10 Madeira Barry Window
11 Risin' High Side By Side
12 Older Men Make Better Lovers Freddy Quinn
13 Love Who Is Fooling You Gerald Mann
14 Crack In The Wall David Avery
15 Vivre Marc Olivier
16 You Are The One Tanja
17 I Love You Tomorrow Olivier Tobias
18Some Broken Hearts Never Mend Telly Savalas