Beautiful Love Songs

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1. Michael Quatro: Since I met you
2. Barry Window: Love the world
3. Gary Fitzgerald: Hold me now
4. T-Exit: How deep is your love
5. Stevie S.: Hey, little devil
6. Graham Bonney: As you like it
7. The Robots: It's hard to say
8. Heart Catchers: Killing me softly
9. Jacques Raymond: Swanee
10. Tilly: Must try forget him
11. Gunnar Schlenner: Loosing all my lovers
12. European Sound Orchestra: This world today is a mess
13. Allen Parker: Girls from Amsterdam
14. John King: Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree
15. David Avery: I am the storm
16. Georg Martin Erny: Golden eagle
17. Ralf Bauer: Deep in the night
18. Allen Parker: Song in your heart
19. Jo Roland: Chanson du chevier
20. Steve Young: Moon river
21. Mark Lorenz: A chi
22. Victory: Sky is blue
23. Romy Haag: Catch me
24. Graham Bonney: All my love is you
25. Janice: Tell me what love is about
26. Stevie S.: May be tonight
27. The Robots: Judi
28. Barry Window: Madeira
29. Side By Side: Risin' high
30. Freddy Quinn: Older men make better lovers
31. Gerald Mann: Love who is fooling you
32. David Avery: Crack in the wall
33. Marc Olivier: Vivre
34. Tanja: You are the one
35. Oliver Tobias: I love you tomorrow
36. Telly Savalas: Some broken hearts never mend
37. Jacques Raymond: Life for life
38. Simon & Garfunkel Revival Band, Thomas Heinke & Michael Frank & Sebastian Fritzlar & Jimmy Patrick: Mrs. Robinson
39. Freddy Quinn: Home on the range
40. Pavel Mikulastik, Orchester Horst Kaizler: My love song, Vossi
41. Gunnar Schlenner: Blue meanies
42. The Reflections: Sweet Sandy Page
43. Tilly: Ellebetch
44. Allen Parker: Weekend in Rome
45. Balalaikaensemble Martin Czuckowitz: Balalaika Traum
46. Jacques Raymond: That lucky old sun
47. Angelo Carino: Rogazzi fuari
48. Tilly: Ma belle
49. Barry Window: Sha la la la la
50. Michael Quatro: Quantra's adagio
51. Simon & Garfunkel Revival Band, Thomas Heinke & Michael Frank & Sebastian Fritzlar & Jimmy Patrick: Bridge over troubled water
52. Freddy Quinn: Ha bisogno di te
53. Michael Quatro: Can't turn away